Foundations and Mooring Design

Much of the design methods used for the marine renewable energy sector are based on
the experience of the Oil & Gas industry. There are obvious differences between Oil &
Gas structures and wave and tidal structures so employing the same methods does not
lead to an optimised design. For wave and tidal energy what is required is a methodology
that will produce a safe design at the lowest cost. This WP will develop a tool that will
improve foundation and Mooring design that will be validated in the pilot projects and
subsequently be used by the general industry. .
The specific objectives are:

1. Design and develop a Foundation and Mooring model, suitable for Irish and
Welsh wave and tidal enterprises and developers.
2. Link to the GIS-TE tool which acts as the repository for design data.
3. Test the operation of the tool using generic test cases
4. Employ tool in both pilot case studies and other appropriate applications such that
to validate the approach
5. Produce general Foundations and Moorings recommendations for Irish and
Welsh technologies
Targets achieved in deliverable
 Private investment matching public support in innovation or R&D operations €25K
(€791,984 total).
GDG will provide Matched funding via matched staff time, equipment, or prototype
• 1 out of 4 New to market products, 1 out of 8 new to the firm products
GDG will be brining one new Foundations and Mooring model product (also new to
the firm)

Description of work
T5.0 Work package coordination (*UCC): liaising with project coordinator. Making sure
all deliverables are delivered on time.
T5.1 Design and construct Foundation and Mooring model (UCC, SU, *GDG)
This task will examine existing approaches for foundation and mooring design and develop
a framework for a new method which will be strongly based on the experience of GDG in
the marine renewable energy sector. Develop an open access methodology/tool that is
specifically suited to the wave and tidal industry.
T5.2 Generic Testing of Foundation and Mooring Tool (UCC, SU, *GDG)
A number of generic test cases based on simple applications and numerical simulations
will be used to test the validity of the tool/method. A comparison will be carried out with
existing design approaches and relevant factors of safety will be determined.
T5.3 Conduct Foundation and Mooring modeling for pilot projects (*UCC, SU, GDG)
Pilot study applications will be dependent on the technology chosen, its level of TRL, and
its research requirements. In the same consultative process as outlined in WP4 the pilot
managers will set the scope in relation to foundations and moorings and supply all relevant
data for undertaking the design.
In the case of a floating system (for either wave or tidal) where a mooring system is
required, tank testing and numerical modelling will be carried out in WP6. The tank testing
will involve: design and build of physical scaled models of anchors and moorings. Test the
designs in the Lir ocean tank and Deep ocean tank. Retrieval of the models for recycling.
Analysis of the data. This work will facilitate the verification of the foundation/mooring
design which will be used for the pilot projects which in turn will validate the process and
allow a more general rollout of the methodology.

D5.1 Report on existing Foundation and Mooring models for wave and tidal technologies
D5.2 Modified Foundation and Mooring model for Irish and Welsh wave and tidal
technologies and locations, Open Access
D5.3 Wave pilot: Foundation and Mooring recommendations, test results, and validation
D5.4 Tidal pilot: Foundation and Mooring recommendations, test results, and validation

SELKIE coordinator location

Name: Gordon Dalton

Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy Ireland (MaREI).
Environmental Research Institute, Beaufort Building
Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork.

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Telephone: +353 (0) 21 486 4300

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SELKIE would like the support of key stakeholders in the MRE sector. If you feel that the outputs would benefit you if you would like to be involved in one of the pilot projects please get in touch with either :

(UCC Cork) Gordon Dalton
(UCC Cork) TJ Horgan
(Swansea U) Ian Masters