Techno-economic models

The specific objectives are:
1. Design and develop a GIS techno-economic (GIS-TE) model, suitable for Irish
and Welsh wave and tidal enterprises and developers.
2. Test and apply tool using generic test cases
3. Employ tool in pilot sites.
4. Produce general techno-economic recommendations for Irish and Welsh
technologies and proposed development sites
Targets achieved in deliverable
 Number of enterprises cooperating with research institutions: 1
 1 out of 4 New to market products (also new to the firm for UCC)
 UCC will be brining one new techno-economic model product

Description of work
There are many techno-economic models available for renewable energy but only a few
are suitable for wave and tidal. Most models are not open access, and are limited by a
lack of information on both the technology and the site. This task will develop a GIS linked
tool that will contain site relevant data for both Ireland and Wales such that strategic
decisions can be made on optimum sites for specifically defined technologies. The results
of this work package will align with existing assets including the Marine Renewables
Energy Strategic Framework (MRESF). MRESF is a static database, developed several
years ago with the information available at the time. It does not cover Irish waters. The
intellectual property belongs to Welsh Government and the data sets within it were

licenced to Welsh Government. Therefore, use of these is restricted. The techno-
economic GIS tool developed here will be open source and populated with open-source

data sets. The project will explore the feasibility of including data from MRESF, subject to
the appropriate licencing with the data owners.
T4.0 Work package coordination (*UCC): liaising with project coordinator. To ensure
that all deliverables are delivered on time.
T4.1 Design and construct GIS-TE tool (UCC *)
T4.1.1 Determine required functionality of GIS-TE tool based on a state of the art
assessment of existing tools and industry requirements
T4.1.2 Prepare model architecture and functionality. Functionality will include:

 GIS layers – constraints+ restrictions. (examine SEAI tool)
 Ports, Manufacturing facilities, road and rail networks etc. Technology system and
sub system characteristics
 Environmental and Geotechnical data
 Outputs: LCOE/NPV/NPVperMW
 Decision facility: rank location in sensitivity analysis
Data accessed from various open access repositories, i.e. GSI, Marine Institute University
of Bangor etc. will be used to populate the GIS-TE tool
T4.2 Generic testing of GIS-TE tool. (*UCC, DP)
T4.3 Conduct GIS-TE modelling for pilot projects
This task will examine the proposed 2 pilot projects from a techno-economic perspective
and on a broader level assess the technologies that are being used for more general
deployment in the Ireland/Wales region. This task will involve interaction with pilot project
managers, to decide on scope of case study and agree on data requirements. Once the
modelling is completed the output may dictate aspects of the pilot projects and feedback
after deployment may be used to tune the model for future applications. Both pilot case
studies will be fully documented in project deliverables.
T4.3.5 Present study findings, and discuss if findings can be incorporated into technical
and business operations within Selkie time frame, or post Selkie.
T4.3.5 Assess if model inputs need to be updated based on pilot deployments

D4.1 Report on state of the art for GIS-TE models and outline of tool functionality
D4.2 GIS-TE model and testing results, Open Access
D4.3 Techno-economic report and recommendations for wave case study
D4.4 Techno-economic report and recommendations for tidal case study

SELKIE coordinator location

Name: Gordon Dalton

Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy Ireland (MaREI).
Environmental Research Institute, Beaufort Building
Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork.

Email & Telephone
Telephone: +353 (0) 21 486 4300

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SELKIE would like the support of key stakeholders in the MRE sector. If you feel that the outputs would benefit you if you would like to be involved in one of the pilot projects please get in touch with either :

(UCC Cork) Gordon Dalton
(UCC Cork) TJ Horgan
(Swansea U) Ian Masters